Words may inspire, but only action creates change.
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Our live online classes are designed to help you take care of yourself and take care of others.

25-Minute Classes

You can now mix and match our 25-minute classes! Buy any three of our 25-minute classes and save $15. To qualify, put all three selected dates in your cart, and the discount will be applied at checkout.

Gift Cards

Give the gift of inspiration with a digital gift card.

Ideas for Gifting:

$30 = One 25-minute or WHY live online class

$75 = Three 25-minute live online classes or WHY journey

$85 = One 55+ minute live online class

$250 = Find Your WHY On-Demand course with Simon

Inspire Your Team

Teams that learn together, grow together. Buy 10 or more class* tickets for your team and receive a discount at checkout.

*discount not available for Start with WHY classes

Custom Experiences

From workshops to keynotes and classes, we work with you to customize the perfect programming to inspire your team.


How are you today?
Pretty great actually—thanks so much for asking! We hope you’re having a great day as well.
What time zone are the class times listed in?
All class times are listed in US Eastern Standard Time. We are working to add more time slots that are time-zone friendly globally.
Does Simon teach any of the classes?
While we wish we could clone Simon, science just isn’t quite there yet. He’s trained our master trainers himself to teach the majority of our classes. However, our Find Your WHY On Demand course is taught by Simon, and is a great way to go through the WHY discovery process on your own time.
Are your classes taught in multiple languages?
We are always looking to add more class options to accommodate our global audience. We hope to have some great options for you soon. In the meantime, Simon’s books have been translated into multiple languages and can be ordered online.
If I have to miss class, will there be a recording?
We totally understand that schedules can change at the last minute. An unedited recording is available for 48 hours after class ends for all classes except WHY courses.
Technology is wonderful, but it doesn’t always cooperate. Occasionally our emails end up in spam, so check there first and add [email protected] to your contacts to ensure you receive future emails. If you still can’t find it, please email us at that same email address so we can get you your link.
What’s different about the 25-minute class experience when compared to your 60- and 90-minute classes?

We’re glad you asked!
Our 60- and 90-minute classes offer: more detail, more connection with your fellow attendees, more activities, and more interaction with your instructors.  
The 25-minute classes are more like lectures. They feature more information-per-minute, but the shorter timeframe also means fewer opportunities for active participation.
We know you’re busy and, if you can’t easily spare 90 minutes, we don’t want to deprive you of an opportunity to grow!

Can I save money by purchasing multiple courses at once?

Yes! Buy any three of our 25-minute classes in one purchase and you’ll get the third class for half-price.  
This means that if you purchase a bundle of three 25-minute classes, it will cost $75 instead of the listed price of $90.
The $15 discount will be applied to your cart automatically during checkout.
If you buy three 25-minute classes in separate transactions, you’ll pay the full price for all classes.

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