Words may inspire, but only action creates change.
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Collaboration Request

Thank you for being a part of the movement to inspire others. We're glad that Simon's message and our team's work resonate with you. We’re inspired when people choose to follow the message. We’re most inspired when people choose to lead the movement to inspire in their own right.


We have a small team dedicated to creating tools and resources and collaborating with strategic partners to inspire as many people as possible. As we review each opportunity individually in order to ensure the clarity of the message and the context in which it is delivered is in alignment with the impact we'd like to see in the world, we ask that you kindly complete all the information requested below so our team can best understand your work.


While we're eager to take on projects and collaboration that help advance the cause to inspire, we have to accept that in order to really move forward, we can only work on so many projects at once. Be assured that the information you provide will be reviewed when our team meets next to discuss ways we might build the future we imagine. We appreciate your patience. Inspire on!


e.g. To [contribution] so that [impact].
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