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The Secrets of High Performing Teams & How to Build Them

Key Highlights

  1. Learn what separates the high performing teams (and high performing humans) from everybody else.
  2. Unpack trust as the vital factor in high performing teams, and how to build it.
  3. Unlock a critical key of enabling better performance by throwing out the age-old “task organization chart."
  4. Recognize that “resilience” is only one side of the equation and why simply being able to “bounce back” is not enough.
  5. Discover the critical mistake of hiring for “top talent” and, instead, focus on hiring and cultivating the right talent.


Any team can look good in fair weather, but when times are tough, only high performing teams accomplish what others find impossible. A high performing team is never the sum of its parts, it is always the product of the interaction between its parts. Any organization, department, unit or group can call themselves a team – but becoming a high performing team takes effort and focus.

Through the Five Characteristics of a High Performing Team, leaders are challenged to go beyond talent and competence and explore the real elements that distinguish the truly remarkable teams (and human begins) from everyone else. This experience allows participants to dive deeply into the reasons some teams stacked with talent don’t excel – and how other teams, with fewer credentials, succeed when the odds are stacked against them. The good news is, when you understand how teams actually work at their optimal best, any team can become a high performing team.

Rich Diviney draws upon 20+ years of experience as a Navy SEAL Officer to help leaders see how they can take their teams to the next level.


Rich Diviney