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Complete Guide: Stand Out in the Job Market

Studies show that 80% of people don’t love their jobs. Our dream is to reverse this statistic.

This guide is designed to help you conduct a WHY-driven job search, from resume to interview, so that you can begin taking steps to find a job you will love. A job that allows you to go home every day feeling fulfilled by the work you do. The guide is available to you as a PDF download as soon as you order it.

This 51-page guide includes:

  • An introduction to The Golden Circle
  • Exercises to help you get a sense of your WHY and HOWs
  • Direction and examples on how to write a compelling, WHY-driven resume
  • Strategies to write a cover letter that inspires action
  • Ideas to ensure your elevator pitch starts with your WHY
  • Pointers on how to use the interview to discover if an organization is the right fit for you