Words may inspire, but only action creates change.
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Commit Virtual & In-person Workshop

Conversations That Make a Difference: Feedback & Recognition

Workshop Highlights

  • Learn how to confront issues in a way that inspires behavior change.
  • Identify ways to empower someone to keep doing great work.
  • Understand how to deliver feedback—good and bad—that is clear and specific.
  • Explore how to discuss feedback, including how to initiate a meeting and how to follow up afterward.
  • Discuss how to create an environment where feedback is comfortable and open.


Does your team have regular feedback sessions? Does each team member know where they need to grow and feel they have the support to do so? Do your reward and recognition programs represent what your team values most? Does everyone feel they are valued and valuable to the team?

In this highly interactive session, your team will learn tools to give feedback, confront someone when it’s in their best interest to change their behavior, and learn how to recognize what uniquely motivates and inspires each member of your team.


Kristen Hadeed

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