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Commit Workshop

Five Key Principles

Workshop Highlights

  • Review the importance of starting with WHY and the Golden Circle.
  • Learn Right-to-Left Thinking—thinking that leads to innovation and breakthroughs in alignment with an organization’s WHY.
  • Explore Adaptive Leadership—creating environments where stakeholders understand how to approach and solve challenges together.
  • Gain an understanding of Being and Doing—intentional leadership and environments.
  • Dive into the concept of Relationship—a deeper look into how relationship between people, tasks and environment and the WHY create the foundation for accomplishment.


Thomas Edison said, “Vision without execution is hallucination.” Clarity of WHY is just the first step to creating a purpose driven company. This workshop builds on the concept of WHY and helps organizations see how they can operationalize the Golden Circle by exploring the question: What’s next?

Through the Five Key Principles of Leadership, each leader is challenged to explore these principles in relation to their role and their unique work environment. For groups of any size, this immersive experience allows participants to engage with a framework which can be used for problem solving, strategic planning and leadership development, starting tomorrow.


Peter Docker
David Mead

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