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Commit Workshop

Think Like A Leader

Workshop Highlights

  • Explore where inspiration comes from and how to inspire others.
  • Learn how specific systems and behaviors can help close gaps between where you are today and where you want to go.
  • Evaluate the work of leadership:
    • Where are you spending your time today?
    • Where you should be spending your time?
  • Discuss the most abundant resources and most powerful tools for cultural change: recognition and celebration.
  • Develop your action plan:
    • What will you stop doing?
    • What will you continue doing?
    • What will you start doing?


This highly facilitated workshop puts your team in the driver's seat. The mistake many organizations make is to proclaim aspirational and often “cookie cutter” values, leadership checklists and goals rather than doing the hard work of creating an authentic and inspirational playbook that allows their leaders to reward and celebrate what makes their culture unique and their people thrive.

It begins with the foundation of understanding ourselves. Drawing on the the Golden Circle and Start With Why, we’ll discover that the goal is not to state “who we want to be," but rather who we are at our best right here and now. From there we’ll deep dive into defining the nuances of what great leadership means for your organization, the behaviors and even reward systems which enable your people-centric culture to take off.


Matt Whiat

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