Words may inspire, but only action creates change.
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Commit Virtual & In-person Workshop

WHY Discovery for Teams and Organizations

Workshop Highlights

  1. Gain a foundational knowledge of the Golden Circle.
  2. Learn how the concept of Contribution + Impact makes an inspiring WHY.
  3. Explore opportunities for immediate application of the WHY.


As simple as the WHY concept is to understand, one of the biggest challenges a team or organization will face is clearly articulating its purpose, cause or belief—its WHY. While it may be felt, it can be difficult to put into words. And without a clear articulation of the WHY it can be difficult put into action and nearly impossible to scale. Finding the words for your WHY is the first step in being able to effectively communicate it.

We’ve learned that the optimal way to deepen individual awareness and appreciation of the human attributes that inspire a unique culture is through sharing stories that exemplify when the organization is at its best. In this highly facilitated workshop participants draft a Why Statement for the organization and relate it to the organization’s values and guiding principles.


Stephen Shedletzky
Heath Slawner
Matt Dunsmoor

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