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Commit Webinar

WHY Discovery Q&A

In part two of our WHY Discovery Webinar series, David Mead answers your top questions on the WHY Discovery process, including:

  1. Where do I begin in order to find my WHY?
  2. How do you bridge the gap between knowing your WHY and living your WHY?
  3. How do I inspire my organization to start with and find our WHY?
  4. Can you give examples of effective and ineffective WHY Statements?
  5. The company I work for was founded to make money. How do you engage people if the WHY of the company is to make money?
  6. How do you live your WHY at work? Independent of your role or position?
  7. As a multipotentialite, a singular WHY is hard to define. What would you suggest for these types of individuals?
  8. In organizations, what is the best way to help leaders find their WHY if they are struggling to find it?
  9. Can someone "dislike" their job but still feel fulfilled through living their WHY while they are there?
  10. What happens if your WHY is completely different from your company's WHY?
  11. Are there some common characteristics or traits that people who have discovered their WHY possess?
  12. How do you know if you've really found your WHY?
  13. Can your WHY change at some point in your life?
  14. Who defines a team (or organization's) WHY? The leader? Or the group/team together?
  15. My customers care deeply about my product's features and benefits. Given limited space, should I describe my company WHY first or last?
  16. Are there tips for overcoming fear of embracing your WHY if it leads you to career change?

    "If nobody knows your WHY, if nobody knows the contribution & the impact that you want to make on the lives of people, nobody can help you do it. So talk about it, ask for help, get out there with your WHY ..."

  17. What if we find our WHY very late in life? Is difficult to change your career so late?
  18. What is the difference between passion and your WHY?
  19. I am trying to define my WHY and did the Friends Exercise but the outcome does not confirm my WHY. Can I still be on the right track to finding my WHY?

Discover your WHY