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Winning the award is exciting. But the real fulfillment comes from looking back and seeing all the people who rooted for you, helped you, put their reputations on the line for you. All the people who believed in you.

It’s ironic; the things we think will be defining moments when we look ahead in our lives rarely are. More often than not, when we look back at our achievements, the defining moments were the experiences that led up to those big achievements. The lessons learned.

It’s worth stating again—finding excitement at work comes from the win, hitting the goal, getting the promotion. It’s the hit of dopamine. But fulfillment—that true, oxytocin-driven, life-lasting joy—comes from the quality of the relationships we make as we struggle over every obstacle along the way and the feelings we share when we win together.

Excitement comes from the achievement. Fulfillment comes from the journey that got you there.

I wrote Together is Better for my sister, Sara. She has been by my side in this journey since the beginning.

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