5 Self-Awareness Skills to Help You Succeed - February 3, 2021

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What is 5 Self-Awareness Skills to Help You Succeed?

Our careers are no longer straightforward, linear and predictable. Instead, we’re all experiencing more ambiguity, change and transition than ever before. Over the past few months our jobs have got even more complex in ways we hadn’t anticipated or prepared for. We will explore the five skills that will help you to be your best at work today and every day, showing you how to build a network that will develop your future career possibilities. 

In this class you will:

  • Discover what your super strengths are and how to market them most effectively.
  • Understand your values, the things that motivate and drive you, and ensure they underpin and enhance all your work.
  • Escape comparison culture and overcome your confidence gremlins. 
  • Build a network that works for you and your career by starting with what you can contribute. 
  • Explore future possibilities and stay curious throughout your working life. 


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