Bridge Our Differences Through Listening and Understanding - July 21, 2021

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With Author, Entrepreneur, and Optimist at Simon Sinek, David Harris

“Bridge Our Differences Through Listening and Understanding” originates from a discussion I had with Simon Sinek on his podcast in the wake of the police murder of George Floyd.

It became clear that the situation and public reaction had far more than a purely racial cast. Instead, it seemed an opportunity to open up a dialogue in order to understand our differences and our response patterns, which we often fail to notice or reflect on.

Where do our opinions come from? Could our assumptions be incorrect? How do we really listen and challenge assumptions while remaining civil to our fellow humans?

During this class you’ll reflect on this and more, while practicing new skills designed to foster constructive engagement, listening and open a dialogue.

In this class you will:

  • Understand why engaging in difficult conversations can be challenging while also learning how they are often the best and most necessary conversations we can have
  • Acquire skills to foster understanding and respect differences
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