With author and entrepreneur, Kristen Hadeed

What is Bridge the Gap: Bring Generations Together at Work?

By 2025, millennials will make up 75% of the working world. They are our future customers, our future coworkers and our future leaders. If that idea scares you, allow Kristen to change your mind. New generations entering the workforce isn’t a new phenomenon, and it’s not something that will go away. After millennials come Gen Z. And after Gen Z, it’s Gen Alpha. The only constant is change, and the organizations that embrace it and adapt are going to outperform the ones that don’t in the long run.

As both a millennial herself and someone who has employed thousands of millennials over the last decade, Kristen will teach you what it takes to attract and retain the next generation. She will help you foster a working culture that allows multi-generational workforces to operate as a team. But most importantly, she’ll inspire you to look beyond the stereotypes and create an environment that brings out the best in everyone: a place where people of all generations can thrive, contribute, collaborate, and work together in harmony.

In this class you will:

  • Understand how generational differences contribute to communication and working styles and learn how to bridge the gap
  • Gain tangible tools to help people excel in relationship-building, problem-solving, giving and receiving feedback, and taking ownership of their own growth and development
  • Learn practical ways to attract and retain the next generation
  • Break down stereotypes and discuss how to create a culture where people are loyal, productive and highly engaged, regardless of generation, rank or position



Author of “Permission to Screw Up,” Kristen imagines a world in which all organizations have cultures that empower people to climb toward the best version of themselves every day. As CEO/Founder of Student Maid, she has fostered a unique perspective on leadership, organizational culture, and bridging the generational gap. In addition to leading her own company, Kristen helps organizations around the world make a lasting, meaningful impact on people by creating environments in which they thrive.


Before you go

  • This class will be hosted on Zoom and include breakout rooms where you will be interacting with other participants.
  • Your individual link will be emailed to you after you register. 
  • Missed a bit? Don’t worry – an unedited recording of the class will be made available for 48 hours so you can rewatch in your own time.
  • Due to limited seating in each class, all ticket purchases are final.

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