Bring Your Band Back Together - September 25, 2020

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What is “Bring Your Band Back Together”?


Research shows the majority of initiatives designed to create change, fail. The main reason for this is not technology, not software, not even the wrong plan or strategy. In fact, 70% of the time the main reason for failure is the human element. With our post-COVID19 world being so undefined, companies don’t need a change management program they need a change-ready culture. This is all about people, and we have some insights to help you as your organization adjusts to the new normal. 


In this class you will:


  • Work through a four-step process of reimagining work  
  • Align your priorities and adjust your goals and strategic plan 
  • Learn ways to gather input from your team members to increase engagement 
  • Understand how to use “voice of the customer” to inform future initiatives
  • Employ a feedback loop process to make continual adjustments along the way
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