Clear Communication: How to Ask for What You Need - September 29, 2021


What is Clear Communication: How to Ask for What You Need?

This class will help you develop clear communication strategies for asking for what you need. We will give you the vocabulary to better understand the various types of requests and how they are best relayed to colleagues. For example, upgrading “soft asks”, which can create confusion and end up with a missed deadline, to clear and actionable requests. Beyond language coaching, you will learn a practical framework for holding yourself and others accountable for improving performance at the individual and team level. In addition, you’ll receive a tool for handling breakdowns in accountability. Following the session, you will be equipped to transform your teams’ conversations—to help you do your job, and do it well. 

In this class you will:

  • Understand and unlock the tools to ask for what you need
  • Be able to recognize the difference between a “soft ask” and a “clear request” and between a “hedge” and a “clear agreement.”
  • Learn how to transform your communication for greater effectiveness and satisfaction
  • Gain the tools for dealing with breakdowns in accountability
  • Engage in valuable conversations around communication, accountability and productivity

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