Create an Impactful Cover Letter in 25 Minutes


Feeling stuck when it comes to crafting a great cover letter? Let us help you!

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Find a Job You Love Series: Create an Impactful Cover Letter in 25 Minutes

A cover letter is a tricky thing. Though we expend enormous amounts of effort on our resume, it is often the cover letter that is first in the hands of employers. And while it is totally normal that we should spend a lot of time on our resumes, it is just as important that you consider how to put together your cover letter so it makes as big an impact as possible.

Before you start writing, ask yourself: Why do I want this job? In truth, we may want to answer, "The paycheck!" And while that’s an understandable motivating factor, there needs to be more to it than that if you want to land a job you love, not just a job that pays the bills. 

Join us in this 25-minute workshop to gain clarity on what about the role you think you will find fulfilling, how you’ll be able to contribute, and spotlight certain skills or traits of which you’re particularly proud.


In this class you will: 

  • Explore the differences between a resume and a cover letter.
  • Discover the questions to ask yourself to put your best self forward on paper.
  • Learn tips and tricks to test your cover letter’s readiness.



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Before you go:

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