Cultural Intelligence for Inclusive Leadership - August 10, 2021

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What is Cultural Intelligence for Inclusive Leadership?

As the combined forces of globalization and digitalization result in companies needing to be truly international- how does leadership successfully traverse geo-cultural divides? Ayo, Faraz, and Rosie draw upon their decades of experience as award winning storytellers and creative leaders to help you tap into and develop your cultural agility. 

In addition to leading media companies, Rosie, Ayo and Faraz’s Cultural Agility Sessions have helped organizations all over the world navigate their biggest diversity challenges.

By building your cultural agility and applying cultural intelligence techniques you will gain the confidence to lead diverse teams to thrive in our globally connected world.

In this class you will:

  • Understand how cultural agility gives you the confidence to be adaptable regardless of the situation!
  • Learn how to navigate cultural differences with proficiency
  • Discover how to recognise bias in order to remove the barriers it creates
  • Be given tools you can put into action right away to improve your cross-cultural interactions
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