Deliver And Accept Feedback Effectively - October 5, 2021


What is Deliver & Accept Feedback Effectively?

We’ve all been there. We know we need to have a conversation with a colleague about their performance or behavior, and we do everything in our power to avoid it. Giving and receiving feedback is like a muscle we need to train. We’ve all had a situation where a feedback conversation turns into a defensive one where one or both parties end up shutting down. Feedback conversations are hard, and yet, they’re often the most rewarding and important conversations we can have to help each other grow.

In this class you will:

  • Learn to give and receive feedback effectively so that you can hold people accountable while still showing them care and support.
  • Explore strategies for initiating, having, and following up on difficult conversations—whether virtual or in-person.
  • Confront the issues you’ve been avoiding by reframing the conversations you dread as opportunities to foster connection and trust.
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