Holiday Cocktails: It's 5pm Somewhere - December 22, 2020


What is Holiday Cocktails: It’s 5pm Somewhere?

Celebrate reaching the end of one of the strangest years in living memory by joining us for some holiday tipples! Tom Kerr, Global Creative Bar Manager and Beverage Director of the infamously exclusive Soho House, will be leading us through the creation of 3 delicious cocktails: a fizz, a classic and a mulled wine… all set to a brilliant festive soundtrack. Tom will also be providing his expertise amassed over 15 years in the industry and solving all your cocktail and drink dilemmas- from what cocktail best accompanies gift opening to how to avoid the dreaded New Year’s Day hangover.

So wherever in the world you are, be here with us this holiday season because it’s 5pm somewhere!

In this class you will:

  • Receive professional guidance & tips on how to make your cocktails at home go from “good” to “great”
  • Utilise ingredients & all your old bottles of alcohol in your liqueur cabinet that may be gathering dust into tasty cocktails for you & your guests
  • Have confidence in serving a large party of guests at home with ease by having the right tools & preparations in place
  • Gain direct help and guidance from Tom as he tackles all your beverage questions

You will need the following ingredients:

Classic Champagne Cocktail

Cognac (any type)
Brown sugar cube
Angostura bitters
Sparkling wine (champagne, cava, prosecco, English)


Gin (any brand)
Sweet Vermouth (any type)

Mulled Wine

1 bottle of red wine (any type)
Cognac (any type)
Sweet vermouth (any type)
Brown sugar
Star Anis
Peel of a whole orange
Peel of a whole lemon

A Spotify playlist will be shared at the beginning

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