How To Deliver And Accept Feedback Effectively - May 22, 2020


We’ve all been there. We know we need to have a conversation with a colleague about their performance or behavior and we do everything in our power to avoid it. Feedback conversations are hard, and yet, they’re often the most rewarding and important conversations we can have to help each other grow. 


Giving and receiving feedback isn’t an innate skill. It’s like a muscle we need to train. We’ve all had a situation where a feedback conversation turns into a defensive one where one or both parties end up shutting down. 


As the leader of her own company for the last decade, Kristen has had to get really good at creating the space for difficult feedback conversations with her team. When done effectively, difficult conversations can result in better relationships, trust and performance.


This class will be hosted on zoom and the link will be emailed to you after you register.

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