How to Parent in our Turbulent World - November 4, 2020

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With Licensed Marriage & Family therapist, author, educator, Susan Stiffelman

This class will help parents create a home environment that feels safe and secure regardless of external events and circumstances. By navigating life challenges as “the calm, confident Captain of the ship” children can develop a sense of tolerance and self-assuredness that will serve them throughout their lives.

You’ll learn how to use frustrating moments as opportunities to foster greater resilience, and how to create an attachment with your children that will sustain them—and you—through life’s inevitable bumps and tumbles.

In this class you will:

  • Recognize when you’re parenting as an argumentative Lawyer or an intimidating Dictator so you can shift into Captain mode to combat parenting difficulties
  • Discover how to use life’s frustrating moments to help children become more flexible and resilient
  • Learn the six stages of attachment that allow you to create the kind of rock-solid connection that fosters genuine cooperation and receptivity
  • Reduce the likelihood that you’ll ‘lose your cool’ when faced with a child’s misbehavior
  • Understand how to address misbehavior at its root, rather than using threats, bribes, or punishment
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