Jumpstart Your WHY: Exclusively for Veterans - July 1, 2020 *

What is Jumpstart Your WHY: Exclusively for Veterans?

As you transition from military to civilian life, WHAT you do may change, but your WHY can always remain clear and constant. As you leave your military families behind, you may be forced to reinvent yourself, reinvent WHAT you do. We believe the best way to move forward starts with your WHY.

This interactive workshop is designed to walk you, step-by-step, through the process to find your WHY – your personal purpose, cause or belief – and point you in the direction to live it. It takes a willingness to be open, to share personal stories, and to trust the process. And through it all, we’re there to help.

We will:

  • Unpack the concept of The Golden Circle from Start with WHY
  • Share tools and the process to discover your individual WHY
  • Connect you with one to two partners so you can work together to write your WHY statement.
  • Conduct live coaching and Q&A to help you improve your WHY statement.
  • Explore ways to bring your WHY to life

Contributing towards the cost of making this tool available gives us fuel to build future tools for you.

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