Lead Up: Skills for Young Leaders - June 16, 2021

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The world is changing rapidly. With the pandemic accelerating the move to digitalisation and e-commerce, one thing is certain: the future is young. And that future requires able leaders who have the skills to inspire and motivate those around them.

Maybe you have a new start-up that is quickly gathering pace. Maybe you’ve received a promotion that means you are now leading a team of colleagues who are older than you. Maybe your business has expanded from a one person enterprise and you are now responsible for the employment of many others. Wherever you are in your leadership journey, allow Shane to provide you with the skills you need to lead multi-generational teams with clarity and purpose.

In this class you will:

  • Identify a clear, industry appropriate, vision for your leadership 
  • Understand the communication skills you need to inspire others
  • Recognise the key mistakes young leaders often make which undermines their authority and learn how to avoid these
  • Foster a culture of community and unite your multi-generational team
  • Develop a 24 hour and 24 day plan to put your vision into action immediately
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