Live Your WHY - December 16, 2021


You’ve discovered your WHY… Now what?

Simon says, “Words may inspire, but only action creates change.” When you live your WHY you are consistently making decisions with your WHY at the front and center. Your WHY is a compass that provides the direction and focus for you to live your life with purpose, on purpose.

If you’ve gone through the WHY discovery process and you’re ready to put it into action, this class is for you. We’ll show you how to align your WHY with your current life (personal, family, business, and/or community), future opportunities and how it all ties together. This is the roadmap for living your authentic life.

In this class, you will:

  • Gain further clarity of your WHY, discipline of your HOWs, and consistency of your WHATs.
  • Create an organized list of your WHY, HOWs and WHATs.
  • Map out actionable ways to apply your WHY in your work, life and relationships.
  • Connect in small groups to share and refine how you’ll bring your WHY to life.
  • Learn how to use the WHY as your filter for decision-making.
  • A takeaway form to track your progress.
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