Manage Your Emotions in High Stress Times - July 30, 2020


What is Manage Your Emotions in High Stress Times?

Do your emotions sometimes feel like they get in the way of you living your most productive life? In our current times, everyone’s emotions are running especially high. This can lead to public or private meltdowns and lower levels of performance and happiness. It’s as if we’re all burying emotional landmines that have a way of blowing up at the worst possible times. The good news is that we can defuse them before they blow up.

In this practical workshop you will:

  • Understand why humans have emotions and why they’re important
  • Learn why we tend to bury emotional landmines despite the consequences
  • Learn a simple, practical process for working with emotions so that you can defuse those landmines
  • Practice a method to be happier and more productive
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