Move Forward from Trauma - June 23, 2021

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What is Move Forward from Trauma?

When our world is turned upside down by a trauma or life crisis we are often blindsided and wonder how on earth we will ever get through it. Whether it is the death of a child, diagnosis of a life-threatening illness, natural disaster, chronic illness, financial devastation, job loss, a tragic accident, sudden disability, divorce, personal assault or other life traumas, we do have the capacity to survive the distress and suffering thrust upon us. Paradoxically, such events offer us an opportunity to grow as a person, to become wiser and to even become someone we like better than the person we were before.

If trauma has made you question your life path, this class offers you a roadmap and the tools to begin writing a new life story. We’ll examine what acceptance means, how to challenge core beliefs that no longer serve us and ways in which we can grow through our adversity and distress to become a better person. Whether you’re in the aftermath of trauma or you are walking alongside someone who is, this course will open your eyes to new possibilities and new ways of being.

In this class you will:

  • Discover the six dimensions of post-traumatic growth
  • Receive a roadmap for moving through distress towards a new life story
  • Re-work your core beliefs so that they better serve you
  • Gain practical tips from Dr. David Roland’s lived experience of recovering from a stroke and financial adversity
  • Discuss your route to progress in a supportive environment
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