The Optimism Book Club:
The Infinite Game

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About Book Club

We created The Optimism Book Club to be a simple and accessible leadership learning program. If you are a team, organization, or group of people who are curious and ready to grow together—then you’re in the right place! 

For our first Book Club pick, we’ll be exploring the themes of my book, The Infinite Game. As you’ll learn, there are no winners or losers in an infinite game; there is only ahead and behind.

I’ll be your guide…ready to get ahead?

The primary objective
   of the infinite game
      is to keep playing.  


Who is this for?

Book Club is designed for teams that want to learn more about leadership. People at every level of your organization can come together to further connect around a common theme, goal, or purpose. The best part is that this works for all teams: in-person, remote, or hybrid.

How does it work?

Each of the six sessions covers a couple of chapters from the book (we even offer a “reduced reading path” for those who can’t get to all of the reading). We provide videos, discussion questions, games, and a facilitator’s guide to create a great learning experience. Every session is designed to be an hour, but you can always go longer if you’re having fun!

The Details


Pretty great actually—thanks so much for asking! We hope you’re having a great day as well.

The book is purchased separately. Check here for a list of retailers where you can get the books—including discounts for bulk purchases. Happy reading!

It’s a book club! In theory two people are enough, though we’ve set the base price to accommodate groups of up to 10 people as we’ve found 8–12 to be the sweet spot. If you have significantly more, we recommend breaking into multiple groups.

Each session takes one hour and we recommend having one session per week. For reading, we also include our Reduced Reading Guide, which can cut your reading (or listening) time to ~20 minutes per week.

You have access to the on-demand content for 16 weeks from date of purchase. Book Club should last for six weeks if you follow our recommendation of meeting once a week. But we understand you might want to meet every other week, or that sometimes schedules are just difficult!

Yes! Give us your email and we’ll send you a one-pager to help you make your case, as well as an excerpt of The Infinite Game

Snacks are very personal but if you want some suggestions, Simon’s top three snacks are kettle corn, a bowl of cereal, and chocolate-covered almonds (dark chocolate—always dark chocolate)!

Interested in Book Club?

Drop your email here to stay informed and get a free chapter from The Infinite Game.

Curiosity is essential
                   for progress.

We fully agree, so we like to reward curiosity.
Use code GETCURIOUS for 20% off your next purchase.

A spark is something quite small and, by itself, not very powerful. But a spark has the ability to ignite. An idea is like a spark; alone it is just a set of words, but it too can ignite. A great idea can inspire others to dream bigger. Let us all work together to ignite something greater than ourselves.

Let us all be a Spark of Optimism.