Overcome the Beliefs that Hold You Back - January 28, 2021


With author and entrepreneur, Kristen Hadeed

We often craft an internal narrative about who we are as people and what we are (and aren’t) capable of. But these narratives aren’t always true. If we’re not careful, the stories we tell ourselves can turn into deeply held personal beliefs that limit our potential. This can mean that we come across aggressively in a conversation, are unable to accept feedback and take ownership, or don’t ask for help.

Kristen knows firsthand the effect a leader’s limiting beliefs can have. Hers kept her from closing a failing branch of her company, from letting go of toxic team members, and from publishing her book, Permission to Screw Up, on time. But she learnt to understand the reasons behind her actions and realize they weren’t the result of mistakes or ignorance; they were guided by her limiting beliefs.

Kristen will help you and/ or your team to uncover your personal limiting beliefs and give you the tools for identifying, confronting, and reframing them so they’re no longer an obstacle to your potential.

In this class you will:

  • Identify the limiting beliefs holding you back from reaching your potential
  • Explore the impact these limiting beliefs have on both yourself and your relationships
  • Discover the limiting beliefs of those around you and how you can hold each other accountable to unlearning them
  • Learn how to reframe your limiting beliefs
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