Redefining Power: Women of Color at Work - September 17, 2021


What is Redefining Power: Women of Color at Work?

This is a special moment for women of color.  As we grow in our power as WOC, each of us is being called to reconsider our views on what power and success really mean. Many of us are coming to terms with the real challenges and costs of corporate systems and what can be done to make workplaces truly inclusive for all.

We’re being challenged to look at our organizations and institutions and who has been set up to achieve versus who hasn’t. We are being invited to revisit what we thought was “true” about things we’ve taken for granted and what needs to change.   And we are more challenged, and more called, to look deep inside ourselves—who we are versus who we want to be.

WOC are being asked to defy the odds and push against the status quo in honor of a more authentic and powerful existence. But do we really have permission?

This class provides a safe space to engage in these difficult but meaningful questions and conversations.

In this class you will:

  1. Be invited into the provocative discussion of the idea of power and what it means for WOC in this moment.
  2. Analyse the indoctrination that exists in the structures around us, the messages we receive as WOC and discover how we give ourselves permission to rewrite these narratives
  3. Identify how we can create more power in our roles, especially at work
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