Reduce Your Stress and Anxiety - November 23, 2021


What is Reduce Your Stress and Anxiety?

The physical and social contexts of how we work have rapidly been disrupted over the last 18months causing relentless uncertainty and volatility. With continued changes in the workplace environment it is imperative as a manager or leader that you supercharge your resilience level and increase your ability to bounce back from adversity with ease. By adapting to change, you can avoid burnout and model this advantageous behaviour for your employees too. Building your emotional and mental resilience can mean managing the emotions that you yourself experience or that of those around you. When you build stronger emotional resilience and gain the ability to minimise stress and anxiety, it enables you to increase productivity, improve morale, enhance relationships with your team and boost company culture to retain top talent.

In this class you will:

  • Recognise stress and anxiety; their science, impact, the various types, symptoms and causes
  • Explore the importance of emotional resilience at work for yourself and others
  • Identify the unique stories you tell yourself about your stress and anxiety and the impact they have on your work and life
  • Discover how you can reframe your anxiety and use Samantha’s framework to develop your own personal resilience and stress management strategies
  • Build your confidence to deal with challenges both now and in the future
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