Stop Micromanaging: Improve Your Team’s Problem Solving Skills - October 20, 2021


What is Stop Micromanaging: Improve Your Team’s Problem Solving Skills?

Equip your people with the shiniest, strongest, and most universal tool they’ll ever need- the ability to problem solve independently. By understanding how you can best ‘coach’ your team you will empower them to overcome problems and strengthen your relationships with each other. These practical conversation guidelines allow space for your employees to see new perspectives and expand their capacities. Not only will your people grow more independently but with employees able to take the initiative to problem solve, production will sky rocket. 

In this class you will:

  • Learn the behaviors and tactics of effective coaching to enhance development of others  
  • Build problem-solving capacity and capability within your team 
  • Increase performance through stronger teamwork and independent work by ensuring your employees feel inspired and motivated
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