The Art and Science of Being Delightful - October 21, 2020

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What does it mean to truly cause delight?

How does it impact those around us? We’ve always been taught that hard work is the key to success in business. And yet, we know that hard work alone isn’t always enough— success is highly dependent on perceptions, signals, cues, and other implicit factors.

*To delight* someone helps grab the attention of those you are trying to impress and makes way for the opportunity—your opportunity—to open doors and show how you provide value.

But how do we master the art of delighting? What is the secret formula? In this class, Harvard Business School Professor Laura Huang delves into both the art and science of how to increase opportunities and maximise your success through delight and delighting—so that your hard work works harder for you. You’ll leave more delightful than ever.

In this class you will:

  • Discover what it means to delight, and how delighting key gatekeepers (employers, investors, executives etc) can provide you with advantages in work and in life.
  • Master various methods for how to delight and be delightful.
  • Identify the types of strategies to use when attempting to access key organizations and get practical tips on how to deploy these strategies.
  • Understand the science of delighting and uncover why some attempts to delight are incredibly effective and why others fall flat.
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