The Art and Science of Effective Conversation - January 13, 2021


What is The Art and Science of Effective Conversation?

How can you make difficult conversations productive? How can you use conversation to strengthen relationships, deepen trust and manage the stress levels of your team? And how do you do all of this remotely? 

Effective communication has never been so essential…how do we use it to take better care of ourselves and those around us?

Inspired by nearly a decade of owning a coffee company and bringing people together around this familiar morning ritual, Elisabeth has deconstructed conversation and built a communication framework rooted in the neuroscience of trust. Combining tools from hostage negotiation to positive psychology, Elisabeth explains and explores the ways in which we can use conversation to empower those around us. As the co-founder and CEO of Legacy Out Loud, Elisabeth uses these skills to enhance the confidence of the next generation of female entrepreneurs. 

In this class you will:

  • Learn how to use Elisabeth’s simple framework to turn hard conversations into productive ones
  • Manage your own stress response, as well as that of others when conveying difficult information
  • Transform your listening skills to foster stronger relationships
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