The Career Changing Power of Networking - February 19, 2021

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With networking expert Carly Valancy and author of ‘Reach Out’ Molly Beck

What is connection worth to you? 

Your network and community evolve if you reach out strategically, consistently and with purpose every single day. The math is simple and the evidence is clear. When you combine your dreams, values and ideas with the right people, you produce greater opportunities than you ever could on your own. 

Carly and Molly will teach their tactical networking strategy so that you can create a bigger, better, more connected life and career. Show up, shift, create, ask questions and collaborate, in order to build something worthwhile. An increased network, amplifies your opportunities giving you the greatest chance of success.

In this class you will: 

  • Understand what makes a networking strategy successful 
  • Embrace a possibility mindset that takes agency over your life and career
  • Explore the power of reaching out with gratitude, generosity and confidence
  • Find the edges of your current network and create a sustainable strategy for amplifying your connections
  • Align your communication with your values, find your authentic voice and speak directly to your inner imposter
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