The Gratitude Class - November 3, 2021


Entrepreneur and Co-host of the Gratitude Blooming Podcast, Omar Brownson

Why gratitude? 

The brain has a biological bias to see the negative. Fear sticks to habits. Fearless gratitude is an intentional practice to disrupt those habits. 

Notice life beyond being busy. 

Each time you pause to notice gratitude, you rewire the brain. You create new neural pathways so you’re less likely to react to stress and uncertainty in unhealthy ways.

Unearth a new perspective.  

Noticing is a practice. Meditation begins with noticing each breath. Mindfulness begins with noticing change. Gratitude begins with noticing good. 

It’s in your nature to grow.

At the heart of this practice is the Gratitude Blooming Card Deck. Inspired by nature and art, the 39 reflection cards include prompts centered around mindful themes like Infinite Possibility, Trust, Joy, and Presence.


In this class you will: 

  • Pause to experience why gratitude as a social emotion is a ‘gateway’ to self-care, healthier relationships, and emotional intelligence.
  • Learn to trigger your positive emotions, so you don’t become triggered by your negative ones (particularly in the face of uncertainty and change)
  • Use the digital Gratitude Blooming cards to experience synchronicity—what we like to call beautiful confidence—which invites more trust and openness.
  • Practice being your own best inner teacher and not needing to fix, save, or advise anyone else. Let silence be a participant.
  • Unearth the fearless gratitude that is already within your relationships, work, and life.
  • Learn how to reframe your limiting beliefs
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