The Infinite Game: How To Advance Your Just Cause - July 6, 2020


How do you win a game that has no end?

We are all unwitting players in infinite games; games that have no end. Relationships, governance, education, and business are all examples of infinite games, yet too many leaders play these games as if they can be won. “Be number one”, “be the best”, or “beat the competition” are all typical phrases that we use to motivate our teams. 

This session will focus on the first of five practices from Simon Sinek’s latest book, The Infinite Game: Advance a Just Cause. We will unpack the characteristics of what makes a cause so just that people are willing to sacrifice to see that it is advanced beyond their finite careers. 

The class will be hosted in a secure Zoom room. The link will be emailed to you after you register.

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