The Infinite Game: How To Study Your Worthy Rivals - May 6, 2020


In Simon’s latest book, The Infinite Game, he explains that in infinite games there are no winners or losers; there is only ahead and behind. While the goal is not to beat the competition, there are still other players in the game. The question is, who should we focus on? The ones who help us improve.


In infinite games, we are our own best competition. The goal is to be better next year than we are this year; to have better products, to create a better culture, to grow better leaders, the list goes on. Worthy Rivals are the other players in the game worthy of comparison. Studying them reveals to us our opportunities to improve so we can remain players in the game and better advance our Just Cause.


In this session, we will shift our mindset to studying our Worthy Rivals, rather than trying to beat our competition.  We will discuss how to identify who your Worthy Rivals are, both personally and professionally. We will uncover how you can best learn from those you admire and from those who frustrate you in order to improve your leadership and business. 

This class will be hosted on zoom and the link will be emailed to you after you register.

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