Trust First

A true story about the power of giving people second chances, Trust First shows how we can break the cycle of poverty once and for all. It chronicles some of the ex-cons, drug addicts, human trafficking survivors, and displaced individuals who’ve come through the City of Refuge program.

Heartfelt, deeply personal, and inspiring, Trust First will break down your assumptions about whether anyone is ever truly a lost cause.

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Too many of us treat trust like a valuable asset that must be guarded. Something we can give away only after someone has proved themselves worthy. Bruce shatters that assumption.

If we can all learn to take the risk to trust first, it will give those around us permission to believe in themselves and their abilities in the most remarkable way. And if people can learn to trust in themselves, they will also learn to trust others in a deeper way. The result of which helps build stronger, more powerful and, indeed, more trusting teams.