Turn Adversity into Advantage - July 23, 2020

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What is Turn Adversity into Advantage?

The world isn’t a level playing field. Some people begin with inherent advantages; others have to create them for themselves. Despite what we’ve been taught from a young age, hard work alone isn’t always enough. Stereotyping, bias, and superficial perceptions—like race, gender, age, religion, ability, sexual orientation, and more—play a large role in how we’re seen by others and how far we can go. The good news is we can flip biases and reframe them to work in our favor, both in the workplace and in our lives.

In this class, Laura’s EDGE framework will show you a number of practical, actionable ways to flip constraints, obstacles, stereotypes, and adversity into advantage:

  • Insight into the difference between hard work, and hard work plus; the ways in which hard work matters, but understanding that it takes more than effort to achieve and maintain success.
  • Practical tips and strategies on how we hone our ability to read our audience and the ways in which others perceive us, so that we can redirect these perceptions and attributions.
  • Clarity on what obstacles, constraints and stereotypes can do for us — they don’t always have to be setbacks; they can work to our advantage.
  • The EDGE framework, and how it can empower individuals; how the “system” and the “structure” might be imperfect… but individuals can still gain and create their own edge within an imperfect system.
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