Use Storytelling to make a Greater Impact - October 4, 2021


What is Use Storytelling to make a Greater Impact?

When you can use the power of storytelling to influence others, you unlock the ability to convert your thoughts, experiences, goals, sales pitches or presentations into stronger impact and deeper connections.  

Don Yaeger has spent a lifetime studying the most effective elements of a well-told story. The  instruction and guidance provided by this live online class will fine-tune your ability to connect great stories and influence your audiences – whether it’s in person, in a socially distanced auditorium or merely from the confines of your Zoom room. The tips and techniques you will learn can be applied immediately & effectively.  

In this class you will

  •  Identify the right story to tell the listener sitting before you
  •  Make your story resonate and evoke the reaction you want 
  •  Connect your story in a way that prompts valuable response & action
  •  Discover the 2 critical elements most storytellers neglect
  •  Understand when to use credibility-building detail within your story
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