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Leading Freelance Talent

with Alison Grade

About This Class

Employers, leaders and managers are all looking to understand how to build a flexible workforce and want to know how they can embrace and embed freelancers within their teams to enhance team performance. In this class you’ll learn how you can get the most from bringing freelancers into your team, and you how you can rethink the work your team needs to do into work that freelancers can deliver for you.

Companies hire freelancers for one of two reasons – they either need specialist skills or they need extra capacity. By considering the current skills within your team and its current and upcoming
needs you can plan and recruit an agile team including freelance expertise, that enables employees to work to their strengths and manage crunch points.

Together we will:

  • The value freelancers can bring to a company/team.
  • The freelance mindset and how you can bring freelancers into your team effectively.
  • Scoping out freelancer work projects / packages and pricing the work.
  • How to find and engage the right freelancers – freelancer platforms vs traditional freelancer recruitment.
  • Managing mixed teams of employees and freelancers.
  • Keeping projects on track and managing scope changes.

Meet Your Instructor

Alison Grade brings a rare mix of creative, academic and business experience to help transform creative concepts into business realities. She has transformed many entrepreneurs’ ideas into scalable businesses. A career freelancer herself, Alison has also transformed the careers of thousands of other with her bestselling book, The Freelance Bible, published by Penguin.

Alison has senior management experience in many media companies – predominantly in international television and film production, rights management and strategy – but she also has formal academic training and is a Nesta-accredited Creative Enterprise Trainer.

Add to that mix that Alison is also an entrepreneur who has established her own businesses and it becomes clear why she is in such demand by many creative businesses as a consultant and non-exec.


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Live Class

Leading Freelance Talent

An easily understandable, vividly memorable, and replicable model to employ when leading others through difficult situations

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Live Class

Leading Freelance Talent

An easily understandable, vividly memorable, and replicable model to employ when leading others through difficult situations

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