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The Optimism Library features more than 50 recordings of our best live online classes, led by Simon’s world-class Optimist Instructors. Updated monthly, the Library provides practical career lessons, leadership insights based on Simon’s teachings, comprehensive communication strategies, productivity advice, and more. 

Want to level up your Human Skills, master the art of decision-making, and successfully navigate the complexities of the modern workplace? The Library was built to help leaders, teams, and individuals perform at their natural best. 

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  • Leaders Eat Last
  • The Infinite Game
  • Cultural Intelligence for Inclusive Leadership
  • Infinite Mindset in 25 Minutes: Prepare for Existential Flexibility
  • Infinite Mindset in 25 Minutes: Demonstrate the Courage to Lead
  • Infinite Mindset in 25 Minutes: Study Worthy Rivals
  • Make Meetings More Productive and Efficient
  • Deliver and Accept Feedback Effectively
  • 5 Disciplines of Leadership Development
  • The Leader Approach to Conflict Resolution
  • Communication Strategies for High Performance
  • Embrace Your Imperfections
  • Choose Happiness at Work
  • The Gratitude Class
  • Sleep Better, Achieve More
  • Reduce Your Stress and Anxiety
  • Raise Your Resilience
  • Gratitude in 25 Minutes
  • Find Your Funny
  • 9 Reasons to Rethink Your Routine
  • Move Forward with Trauma
  • Conquer Overwhelm & Boost Productivity 
  • Find Your Funny in 25 Minutes
  • Convert Self-Doubt into Self-Confidence and Work-Life Brilliance
  • The Neuroscience of Success at Work
  • Use Storytelling to Make a Greater Impact
  • How to Be a Great Freelancer
  • Beat Burnout
  • The Golden Circle for Individuals
  • Find a Job You Love
  • Revamp Your Résumé
  • Leadership in 25 Minutes: Clearer Communication
  • Create an Impactful Cover Letter
  • The Art of Decision-Making
  • Speak Up: Be Your Own Advocate in the Workplace
  • Redesign Your Workday
  • Navigate People, Promotions, and Power Dynamics for Career Success
  • Happy Culture, Happy People
  • Create a Culture Where Everyone Matters
  • Work Smarter, Not Longer
  • Build Trusting Teams
  • Bridge Our Differences Through Listening and Understanding
  • The Golden Circle for Organizations
  • Leadership in 25 Minutes: Happiness at Work
  • Build a Human Culture in the Zoom Era
  • Leadership in 25 Minutes: Make Everyone Matter
  • The Great Resignation and Retaining Talent
  • Managing a Multi-Generational Team
  • Reset Your Work Culture with Play
  • The Circle of Safety in 25 Minutes

Optimism Library Reviews



-Denise B.

Verified Buyer

“It is wonderful to have a successful professional freely share information to help others grow—for their sakes to be a better leader. Not primarily to make a buck. Making a difference in someone’s life requires sacrifice and connection—and Simon, the subscription does just that. We are all human and desire for someone to care enough to share nuggets of wisdom—because they care. I once saw a small picture that said, ‘to teach is to touch a life forever.’ I believe it is true. All the best.”

-Nuria R.

Verified Buyer

“I loved it. Lots of little tidbits that can be applied holistically or individually.”

-Benjamin K.

Verified Buyer

“Great deal for money and moreover great talent delivering the content.”

-Andrea B.

Verified Buyer

“I love having the resource to browse and use as needed as well as to help as I coach my staff through situations they find themselves in.”

-Kathleen C.

Verified Buyer

“I love attending the online video classes. I’ve learned many different new aspects of leadership. I enjoy hearing people’s points of view on the books and I can stop and come back when my time allows.”

-Heidi Y.

Verified Buyer

“Well worth it, I am trying to work through as many lessons as I can, but will need another month at least.”

-James M.

Verified Buyer

“I’m inspired!!!!”

-Sarah S.

Verified Buyer

“I’ve gone through several courses over the past two weeks and I already am seeing a difference within our team! I’ve loved how my outlook has shifted and I’ve really been able to step into my role as a leader! Thank you so much!”

-Sabine G.

Verified Buyer

“So far, I am very amazed by the content of the library. As I am working in the field of HR for 25 years, I am trying to figure out how applicable the content is and I have just started to get into it in detail.
I have been following Simon for a while and have to say that these concepts is what the world out there needs. A leader is having the biggest impact on the working environment in so many aspects, from hiring the right people to coach them to grow, bringing across the values and culture and building trust by example.
I really love the inspirational newsletters as well as the daily quotes and I feel priviledged to be part of this community.
Thank you for your inspiration!”

-Tina K.

Verified Buyer

“Absolutely fantastic. Delivery was excellent. Docs provided are very useful tools for communicating feedback for any instance at any level. Highly recommend!!!”

-Herman P.

Verified Buyer

Love the content. Although I expected to see Simon on a few more of the videos 🙏…
Some are like webinars and could be arranged better. Remove non-essential info and questions from attendee

-Katherine M.

Verified Buyer

I do love it, but wish Simon presented some of them

-Jodi R.

Verified Buyer

I like the video content in the optimism library but it would be incredibly helpful to be able to also access the slide deck and handouts mentioned in each recorded webinar. The downloadable discussion guides are okay but not the same items mentioned by presenters during the webinars.


Pretty great actually—thanks so much for asking! We hope you’re having a great day as well.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:
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You’ll have access as long as you’re subscribed. Your account auto-renews either monthly or annually, depending on the plan you chose.

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No. They were live at one point, but when you watch classes through our subscription service, you are watching the recordings of previous live online classes.

If you are interested in live online classes where you can interact with your instructors and classmates, visit simonsinek.com/classes.

Recordings can be viewed at any time day or night, and you can pause and rewatch whenever you like. Our live online classes generally only happen once per month. The subscription service also provides exclusive classes that you can’t find live.

If you learn better by being an active participant, we recommend our live online classes at simonsinek.com/classes.

Right now we have over 45 classes, but we’re continually adding new ones.

The Optimism Library does NOT include our online courses, such as The Art of Presenting and Find Your WHY. It also does not include Start with WHY or Refine Your WHY—we’ve found those two classes require the interactivity that can only be offered in a live experience. These classes are available at simonsinek.com/classes .

You can pause or cancel at any time in the Subscriptions tab on the left menu of your account.

The Optimism Library is designed to help you grow. If you watch a class or two and realize it’s not the right fit, no worries! We will provide you with a full refund within the first 48 hours after subscribing. Just contact us here!

While we wish we could clone Simon, science just isn’t quite there yet. He’s trained our Master Trainers himself to teach the majority of our classes. However, our online courses, Find Your WHY and The Art of Presenting, are taught by Simon!

Yes! We recommend only doing so over Wi-Fi, unless you have an unlimited data plan.

You can buy up to 50 subscriptions through our website, or you can request a bulk order.

You can use the Optimism Library Contact Form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!



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The Art of Creating Fiercely Loyal Customers

For Teams Of Up To 10

Select number of participants:

Buy this course together with Unleash Your Infinite Mindset  Total Cost: $649

For Larger And Multiple Teams

For teams larger than 10, reach out for tailored options


Unleash Your Infinite Mindset

For Teams Of Up To 10

Select number of participants:

Buy this course together with The Art of Creating Fiercely Loyal Customers  Total Cost: $649

For Larger And Multiple Teams

For teams larger than 10, reach out for tailored options

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A spark is something quite small and, by itself, not very powerful. But a spark has the ability to ignite. An idea is like a spark; alone it is just a set of words, but it too can ignite. A great idea can inspire others to dream bigger. Let us all work together to ignite something greater than ourselves.

Let us all be a Spark of Optimism.