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How to Huddle

Maintain connection with your team while working remote

Our work is one of our modern day tribes. When we get it right, our jobs feel like a part of us. A place where we feel we belong and can show up at our natural best. As more of us than ever are working remote, culture, trust and performance take on a whole new dynamic. We thought to share a few tips to keep your team’s human connection and community strong. 


Our team is 100% remote. We preach the message of inspired, safe and fulfilled and, as it turns out, we have to live it too. One of the rituals we use to keep our team connected and tight is Huddle. We come together every Monday for a 75 minute video call to build relationship – with ourselves, each other and WHY we do what we do. 


For all of those teams that are needing to embrace virtual work environments, we thought we’d share a quick taste of how we Huddle. We hosted a special Wednesday abridged version so our team could show you one of our cultural rituals. Perhaps it will inspire you to adopt something similar with your own unique flavor.

Here’s how we Huddle:

  • Pick a facilitator or two
  • Show up on time, turn notifications off and get ready to focus
  • Conduct a quick grounding exercise
  • Share High Fives – see more in the tips below
  • Ask a Question of the Week for everyone to answer 
  • Check In – everyone gets the opportunity to share what’s on their heart and mind so they can be fully present and we can support one another throughout the week
  • A volunteer closes with a story of WHY we do what we do

Here are a few tips more for hosting your own Huddle. 

Turn on video

Use a video conferencing platform so you can see each other. We’ve all been on conference calls where it seems like we’re doing more talking over each other than genuinely connecting. Using a video platform enables us to run more human, efficient and effective meetings. We use Zoom, though there are many alternates.

Ask people how they’re doing, then listen. Ask them again. 

Working remote poses challenges that don’t exist when you have a water cooler to converge upon. We desperately need the support of one another to form a strong culture with high trust and performance. Give people the space to share what’s actually going on for them at work and home. Let them share their inner narrative, what’s great and what sucks. Listen, stay curious and ask them to share more. 

Don’t make it about work. Make it about each other. 

There are plenty of other calls throughout the week that focus on work. Make your weekly Huddle about each other. After all, what’s good for your people is good for your business. When we feel grounded, present and a part of a community, we are far more focused, supportive and productive. 

Here are a few things our team does to build relationship on our Huddle:

  • Share High Fives – publicly acknowledge and thank other members of the team for the way they showed up and helped you last week. Get specific. Go beyond the surface of simply saying thanks or good job. Share how others on the team made your previous week more fun, safe and effective. 
  • Ask a Question of the Week – it can be silly or it can be deep. Ask a question that everyone can answer. For example, What are you feeling grateful for today?
  • Use breakout rooms – as our team grew in numbers, we began using breakout rooms for portions of the Huddle so that we could connect more deeply with a handful of people before returning to the larger group. Mix it up each week – make the breakout participants random so that more people across the team get to connect. 
  • Hear from everyone – give everyone a chance to Check In to share what is honestly on their heart and mind. 

If there is one human truth that will help in these times and all times it’s that together truly is better. Share how you’re feeling. Ask each other for help. Now is the time for our humanity to show. We hope our ritual of Huddle helps you build your own.