Finding Your Edge: Harness Your Potential - June 23, 2020

What is Finding Your Edge: Harness Your Potential?

Do you feel you have more to give? Do you dream of a better life and lack the courage to make a change? Finding Your Edge: Harness Your Potential is an inspiring journey designed to help you discover your purpose in life, find fulfillment and further your potential.

In this immersive class, Ben will take you through three stages of ICE:

  • Discover your Inspiration, what you truly want from life, and how to ignite that internal drive within yourself.
  • Learn how to own your Courage through self-belief and personal understanding as you build the bridge from Inspiration to Enactment.
  • Take steps to Enact on challenges and hurdles that lay outside your comfort zone.

Contributing towards the cost of making this tool available gives us fuel to build future tools for you.

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