How To Make A Plant Love You

Potted plants aren’t mere decoration; they offer a rare opportunity to find joy by caring for another living being.

In her book How to Make a Plant Love You, Summer Rayne takes us on a journey to show us how the environment we set significantly impacts the life and lives around us. If we can learn to ask what a plant needs from us, and not what we need from a plant, we will also learn how to ask that same question of people. This shift in mindset is what servant leadership is all about. And if we can all learn to make that shift, it’s amazing how alive our spaces, our communities, and our lives can be.

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At its core, How to Make a Plant Love You is a metaphor for how we view, and often treat, people. It is a direct but gentle reminder to consider how much the environment around us matters. Think about how we usually treat the plants in our homes: we find one we like, we place it in a room where we want it to go, where we think it looks best, and then we expect it to thrive. That strategy, unfortunately, only increases the chances that the plant will struggle or die. We first have to understand the plant in order to create the conditions for it to thrive— the same is true for people.