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The Simon Sinek Book Club:
Unreasonable Hospitality by Will Guidara

If your company has a customer or a client, you are in the hospitality business. Join world-renowned restaurateur Will Guidara as he guides your team through the industry-changing ideas from his new book, Unreasonable Hospitality. Featuring exclusive videos and thoughtful discussions that will bond your team, this Book Club will revolutionize how you do business.

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Quantity: 1 quantity = 1 team of up to 20 participants

Purchase Options:

Purchase: $1,000

The Simon Sinek Book Club: Unreasonable Hospitality

Bundle & Save: $1,200 SAVE $800

Buy The Simon Sinek Book Club: The Infinite Game and Unreasonable Hospitality together for only $1200.

Purchase: $1,000 $700

The Simon Sinek Book Club: Unreasonable Hospitality

Bundle & Save: $1,200 $840 SAVE $560

Buy The Simon Sinek Book Club: The Infinite Game and Unreasonable Hospitality together for only $840.

What’s In It?

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What’s In It?

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What you’ll learn

Together, you’ll tackle topics such as:


Pushing Towards Excellence

It may not be possible to do everything perfectly, but it is possible to do many things perfectly.


Balancing Control and Creativity

In every organization, the balance between power and authority is askew. Identify how askew it may be in yours, and identify creative solutions to solve it.


Creating a Culture of Collaboration

Developing ownership programs to create new leaders.


Praise and Criticism

The two secret ingredients for success! Will Guidara teaches his six rules of criticism to set your team up for success with effective communication.



Explore how Will Guidara’s team at Eleven Madison Park harnessed inspiration from unusual sources to drive innovation.


Making Magic in a World that Needs More of It

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou


Improvisational Hospitality

Build a toolkit to regularly provide surprise and delight to your customers.


"One Size Fits One"

Delve into the art of personalized service, understanding the power of treating every customer as a unique individual.


And more!

Does my team have to read the book?

Reading the book is encouraged, but who are we to tell you what to do? You can consider this the world’s first Guilt Free Book Club!

We’ve also developed a “Reduced Reading Path” to help busy teams keep the commitment to about 20 minutes of reading or listening per session.


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Book Club sessions are super easy and streamlined!

A single log-in is all you need for your entire team of up to 20 participants. Simply follow the interactive module which includes videos, discussion questions, optional games and get-to-know-yous, and a few surprises along the way.

Book Clubs are able to be self-led just by following the module. If you’d like to inquire about having one of our Optimist Instructors facilitate the Book Clubs for your organization, get in touch with our Experiences Team.

The book is purchased separately. Check here for a list of retailers where you can get The Infinite Game and here for Unreasonable Hospitality—including discounts for bulk purchases. Happy reading!

A single Book Club purchase is intended to accommodate groups of up to 20. For much larger groups, please purchase multiple Book Clubs.

We’ve test-driven Book Club with groups of all sizes, from tight-knit teams to sprawling organizations. Here’s what we found:

For small teams or businesses:
Got less than 20 participants? One Book Club’s got you covered. You can host your Book Club and include up to 20 people. Simple as that.

For medium to large organizations:
Here’s where we suggest: one Book Club per core business unit, division, or team. Ideally, you want one Book Club for each group of 20 people.

We’ve seen larger organizations arrange Book Clubs within and across different departments – how it is configured can lead to some of the best serendipity across your team.

If you’re part of a larger organization and curious about how our enterprise Book Club options might work for you, get in touch with our Experiences Team! Our team can’t wait to chat and help you find the best fit.

Each session takes one hour and we recommend having one session per week. For reading, we also include our Reduced Reading Guide, which can cut your reading (or listening) time to ~20 minutes per week.

You have access to the on-demand content for one year from date of purchase. 

The content is all on-demand and is easily able to be completed by your whole team by simply following the module and and on-screen prompts.

If you’d like to have one of Simon’s Master Trainers facilitate your book club, reach out to us at [email protected]!

Yes! Give us your email and we’ll send you a one-pager to help you make your case, as well as an excerpt of The Infinite Game

Snacks are very personal but if you want some suggestions, Simon’s top three snacks are kettle corn, a bowl of cereal, and chocolate-covered almonds (dark chocolate—always dark chocolate)!

The Simon Sinek Book Club: Unreasonable Hospitality

Team Purchase: $1,000

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