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Big Questions: Simon Sinek on The Infinite Game


In this episode of Big Questions, Simon talks about the theme of his upcoming book, The Infinite Game, with Cal Fussman.

Our Favorite Moments

  • Adjusting ones own mindset to an infinite mindset is cathartic—it releases us from this false belief that we have to win in every situation (07:15)
  • How Simon approaches his work like an artist (20:58)
  • How Simon discovered the theory of finite and infinite games (30:57)
  • Simon's writing process (37:00)

My advice to any would-be writer is absolutely take advice from other writers. But it’s really about finding your own groove. And for me, my groove has changed for every book.

  • Simon's perspective that as you and your life changes, your process needs to change with it (51:00)

One of the most valuable lessons of my life is to view uncertainty as an opportunity rather than a liability.

  • What it means to have an infinite career (58:00)

Success isn't a series of finite games. Success is one infinite game.

  • Momentum (1:06:17)
  • Passion is an output not an input (1:12:50)

A leader is the one who creates the environment that releases the passion in those around us.