Cover Letter


Regardless of your experience or the role you’re hoping to fill, people don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it. This guide is designed to help you write a cover letter that starts with your WHY, that communicates who you are, instead of stating only what you’ve accomplished. The guide is available to you as a PDF download as soon as you order it.

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This 22-page guide includes:

  • An introduction to The Golden Circle
  • Exercises to help you get a sense of your WHY and HOWs
  • Tips on how to inspire the reader to reach out if their organization aligns with your values and beliefs
  • A before and after example of a cover letter with ideas on how to transform your own
  • An exercise to test yourself to make sure you are on the right track

This Cover Letter is one segment of the "Stand Out in the Job Market" Complete Guide.