Golden Circle for Individuals


Simon Sinek uses a model called the Golden Circle to explain how legendary leaders like Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King Jr., and the Wright brothers were able to inspire, rather than manipulate, in order to motivate people. It is the framework for the WHY.

The power of WHY is not opinion. It’s biology. The Golden Circle is more than a communications hierarchy. Its principles are deeply grounded in the tenets of human decision-making. How the Golden Circle works maps perfectly with how our brain works. The Golden Circle can be used as a guide for your journey to find purpose and fulfillment. It explains loyalty and how to create enough momentum to turn an idea into a social movement. This presentation is not for resale.

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Curiosity is essential
                   for progress.

We fully agree, so we like to reward curiosity.
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A spark is something quite small and, by itself, not very powerful. But a spark has the ability to ignite. An idea is like a spark; alone it is just a set of words, but it too can ignite. A great idea can inspire others to dream bigger. Let us all work together to ignite something greater than ourselves.

Let us all be a Spark of Optimism.