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Bridging the Generation Gap at Work

with Dr. Mary Donohue

About This Class

Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z all have one thing in common: we have to figure out how to best communicate with coworkers from different generations.

Whether your team is hybrid, fully remote, or back in the office, communication is essential. That statement is even truer with a multigenerational workforce. Each generation has been influenced by different cultural, social, and political landscapes that have shaped communication styles and technology preferences. This class is designed to help you and your team improve work relationships, as well as increase productivity and employee engagement.

Together we will:

  • Learn to leverage technology for all age demographics
  • Become more effective digital communicators
  • Bridge generation gaps to build stronger relationships


Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Mary Donohue is CEO of the Digital Wellness Center (DWC). Recognized as North America’s leading proactive mental health and digital psychology expert, her award-winning work is rooted in science, grounded in fact, and produces measurable results. Dr. Mary is helping individuals, leaders, and organizations find their work/life balance, be proactive about positive mental health, and avoid burnout. Her innovative technology is contributing to wellness by mitigating emotional exhaustion in organizations including Microsoft, Walmart, and American Airlines.

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